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The Institute of Group Analysis is partnering with ‘Time 4 Tea Cinema’ to offer a great selection of thought provoking films in the 2017 Cinema Fantastica film programme. Films are shown for small audiences at the Institute of Group Analysis and each film is processed by the audience through a Large Group - facilitated by an IGA Group Analyst - following the film showing. This is an unconventional concept that has proven very successful.

All screenings will be held at:

Institute of Group Analysis

1 Daleham Gardens
London, NW3 5BY

Ticket prices for each screening:

IGA members/students:  £11
Public: £15


Programme Autumn/Winter 2017 :

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Theme: If Freud and Jung both attended an analysis session?

Saturday 2nd Dec  |  1.30 - 5.15pm
1.15 Registration, 1.30 event starts, 3.30 break, 3.45 Large Group, 5.15 end

Short Film Neighbours (1952)
In this Oscar*-winning short film, Norman Mclaren employs stopmotion to animate live actors. The story is a parable about two people who come to blows over the possession of a flower.

Main feature Surviving Life (2010) - Eng subs
This was the tale of a middle-aged office clerk who escapes his humdrum everyday existence by retreating into dreams. Here he meets a mysterious woman in red who is far more tempting than his real world wife. Soon he's abandoning  both his work and his spouse for her, though dream life - this being a Svankmajer film - rarely runs smoothly.

Large Group Convenor: Kevin Power, IGA Honorary Member

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Convenor biography: 
Qualifying at the London Centre for Psychotherapy in 1984, Kevin Power attended Patrick de Mare's seminars on large groups in the 1980's and with colleague Sheila Thompson took them over at the time of PdM's retirement. He went on to convene ten years of large training groups for the art psychotherapy course at Goldsmiths College, University of London. He has published papers on large groups.



Theme: Absolute order... for the good of all?

Date to be confirmed  |  6.30 - 10.00pm
6.15 registration. 6.30 introduction and films 8.30 break 8.45 Large Group, 10.00 end

Short Film  The Garden (1968) - Eng subs
The terror of stifling mediocrity shown effectively by the genius of Czech visionary Jan Svankmajer.

Main feature  THX 1138 (1971)
In the future, mankind lives in vast underground cities and free will is outlawed by means of mandatory medication that controls human emotion. But when they stop taking their meds, they wake up to the bleak reality of their own existence... This is George Lucas' first and rarely ever seen film.

Large Group Convenor: tbc

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Theme: What if you could see what I see?


Friday 6th Oct  |  6.30 - 10.00pm
6.15 Registration, 6.30 event starts, 8.30 break, 8.45 Large Group, 10.00 end

Short Film  The Flat (1968)
If you think finding a decent flat in London is hard, then you know nothing of the surreal world of 1960's Prague.

Main feature They Live (1988)
A homeless drifter, without meaning in his life, discovers a pair of sunglasses capable of showing the world the way it truly is. As he walks the streets of Los Angeles, he notices that both the media and the government are comprised of subliminal messages meant to keep the population subdued... why? One of the most underrated yet most profound films ever made about modern society!

Large Group Convenor: Teresa von Sommaruga Howard, IGA Honorary Member


Theme: If Fundamentalism is poison... the antidote is?

Saturday 21st Oct  |  1.30 - 5.15pm CANCELLED
1.15 Registration, 1.30 event starts, 3.30 break, 3.45 Large Group, 5.15 end

Main feature  The Student (2016) - Eng subs
We are set in the middle of a rhetorical battle between an aggressively Christianized high-schooler and his liberal, Jewish-born biology teacher, making this a welcome study of religious fanaticism that doesn't discredit either party's intelligence. 

Recently Russian president Vladimir Putin passed a bill enforcing mandatory religious education in all state schools. This film shows its impact, placing clear emphasis on how far modern Russia has drifted from the enforced atheism of Communist rule.

Large Group Convenor: Jason Maratos, IGA Training Group Analyst

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Convenor biography: Jason Maratos is a Training Group Analyst and a Psychiatrist; is often impressed by the powerful way in which Cinema stimulates emotions and thoughts on current issues. The Student does exactly that. Very powerful work.

Come to the PRIVATE VIEW at 5.00pm - FLYER HERE

You are also welcome to attend a Private View before the screening which features contrasting art works from two artists, Roger Bamfield and Emma Franks. Roger Bamfield’s cinema themed surreal art questions our perception of reality and violence, whereas Emma Franks' paintings of female forms is immensely comforting and calming. The art exhibition will run until end of January 2018. 

The Private View will start at 5.00pm (full information in flyer above). This can be attended as a stand alone event or before the screening itself. The Private View is free of charge. To be added to the guest list please email with name and contact details. Please note that booking for the screening should be done separately via the link above.

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