Foundation Weekend: Reflective Practice in Organisations

29th September - 1st October 2017
1 Daleham Gardens, London NW3 5BY

This weekend course offers an experiential foundation in the group analytic approach to working with groups in organisations, particularly Reflective Practice Groups and other team interventions. It will offer lectures from leading practitioners, opportunities to experience the dynamics of reflection in small and large groups, practical exercises to deepen understanding of leadership and group dynamics, and opportunity to consider how to apply learning in your own work setting.  Some reading is suggested prior to the weekend. It is especially valuable for those leading or working with diverse, multi-disciplinary teams in complex or challenging settings. 

The Institute of Group Analysis (IGA) is the UK base of Group Analysis, an internationally established discipline with seventy years’ practice-based theoretical literature. With a long and distinguished track record of expertise in group dynamics, Group Analysis articulates fundamental processes which can be observed in all groups, and pays close attention to the relationship between each individual in the group and the group as a whole, making it a particularly valuable model for working with teams and Reflective Practice Groups. 

Who is the Foundation Weekend for?
The Foundation Weekend is open to anyone with a professional interest in reflective practice used at work, team coaching or other organisational interventions. We expect it will particularly interest people working with teams and/ or conducting Reflective Practice Groups, and organisational leaders wishing to understand how best to participate in and use groups to promote organisational health and effective communication.

The weekend is a prerequisite for practitioners applying for the
Diploma in Reflective Organisational Practice
Group analysis places emphasis on valuing differing perspectives, and so this course welcomes applications from professionals with a variety of theoretical orientations.

Click here for programme, including Keynote Speakers and topics 

What will the weekend do for me?
By the end of the weekend we would expect you to have

  • Greater awareness of the experiences of self and others in groups
  • Explored the dynamics of joining and leaving a temporary learning community
  • Gained a fuller and more nuanced understanding of leadership in groups
  • Understood some obstacles to thinking in the workplace, and how reflective practice helps overcome these
  • Recognised different styles of leadership and participation, and reflected on your own style
  • Explored the differing potentials and dynamics of small and large reflective groups
  • Gained a fuller understanding of the potential of a group analytic approach to teams and Reflective Practice
  • Considered how to apply learning in the work setting
Validation and Learning

A CPD certificate will be provided.

Friday 4:15pm - 9:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 5:40pm
Sunday 9:00am - 1:00pm (for those attending the Foundation Weekend only)
9:00am - 4:30pm (for those proceeding to the Diploma Course)

There is an optional Reflective Practice Community meeting (1:30pm - 3:00pm) for all those who are interested/ involved in group analytic organisational work, whether or not they have attended/ taught on the course.  If you have attended the Foundation Weekend you are welcome to stay for this group.

Reflective Practice Foundation Weekend Fees:

Non-member: £450

IGA Members: £425

Please note that the cost does not include accommodation, but lunches and refreshments are provided

This course is now full. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please email Gabby Heath at

If you have any queries, please contact the IGA National Office: | 020 7431 2693

Visit the Reflective Practice in Organisations page to find out more about part two of the course.


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